Facebook Thinks Of Opening a News Section and Ready To Pay Up To $3 Million To The Publishers

Facebook is the most highly rated and used social media application. Most of the people spend ample of time scrolling through the Facebook feed. Most of the people prefer going through Facebook to know about the latest news. Facebook has been using news from many news publishers for free and it is now a problem for the publishers. Somewhere they face a loss because most of the people read the news on Facebook instead of buying their news or subscribing to them. Also, many fake news are published under the name of a particular company which is bad for the reputation of that news company. Facebook now says that they will be paying the publishers up to $3 million and it includes companies like The Washington Post, Bloomberg, ABC News and many more. This will be the fees Facebook will pay to the publishers for using the news published by them and this will be the kind of license for Facebook to use the news published by other publishers. The publishers will be signing the contract of 3 years. It will be under the publisher’s control whether Facebook should post just the headlines of the articles or the entire news. An Individual section on Facebook for news and the publisher’s control over the news will reduce the posting of fake news.

But it is still not sure if Facebook will be paying $3 million to the whole organization or to particular publishers.

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