Google Maps Adds New Reservation Tab To Its Application For Android And Ios, Updated Timeline Will Be Available For Android Only

In today’s world, Google maps are playing a very important role in our life. It has saved our time and gives us accuracy for reaching to a specific place. It not only shows us an accurate route but also shows us the shortest route to reach to that place and avoid the routes which have traffic. Adding to this, Google maps has decided to make our life easier by coming up with a new reservation tab. You can know about your hotel reservations and the next flights when you are traveling. To know where this new tab is you can find it on the top left corner where there are three grey lines. You can tap there and find out your next trips and when you tap on any one trip you will find all your reservations of flights and hotel bookings. This reservation tab will come to IOs and Android in a few weeks. The best part about it is it can work offline as well.

Google also announced that it will add up live view feature in android and IOs in this week just like it has already been added to the pixel phones all over the world in May.

Google also announced that it will add up updated timeline to the android smartphones for now and it will be added in a few weeks, which helps people not only see where they have visited but also groups it into different parts like restaurants, shopping, hotels, etc. which makes it easier for you to make a list of what you liked the most and help you relatives in sorting out their trip. Google’s hasn’t spoken about when the updated timeline will get added to IOS.

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