Internet Will Now Help You in Diagnosing Rare Disorders Which Even Your Physician Cannot Identify

In today’s generation the internet plays a vital role in each one’s life and help us in every minor thing. We cannot proceed without the internet in today’s world. Now the internet is much more than just a medium for social media, gaining information, watching movies. The Internet can now help us diagnosing the rare disease which one’s physician cannot diagnose.

This is observed during the study which took place on 7th August in wake forest school of medicine. The study’s lead, Antony j Bleyer, the nephrology professor stated that internet can fail to show us the correct information about our symptoms which we search on the internet but it can lead us to find the specialists which can treat those rare disorders. These diseases are often inherited.

A study article from the current issues of the genetics in medicine tells us something more about this rare disease called autosomal dominant Tubulointerstitial, in which kidneys stop working. American college of medical genetics and genomics observed that there were 665 people who visited the wake forest school of medical research through someone’s reference from 1996 to 2017. From that 40 % were from academic medical centers, 33% were from non-academic and 27% visited on their own or through family members and relatives. The tests were positive of 27% patients from academic centers, 25% from non-academic and 24% who visited without any reference.

The study shows that 42 families visited through the internet who had ADTKD and were diagnosed. This is how the internet is I directly saving peoples life. This study was of only one Center and about just one rare disorder. Inter will help in diagnosing more such rare disorders.

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