Kerala Flood: Mother Holding Son’s Hand Tight Even At Death, Rescuers Cry After Seeing The Dead Bodies

Floods in Kerala have disrupted people’s lives. Between 8 and 12 August, 76 people have died due to floods, while 58 people are missing. Apart from this, 32 people have been injured. Many people also lost their lives due to landslides. Rescuers near Kottakunnu in Kerala were unable to stop the tears on seeing the touching scene of a dead mother and her dead child.

Let us know that two days ago there was unprecedented flood in this area and there was a huge landslide. The bodies of the woman and her child were taken out near Kottakunnu by personnel engaged in rescue work and search operation. The dead mother held her child tightly.

Rescuers also cried after seeing this scene of the dead body of mother and son. The mother was holding the child’s hand so tightly that even after death she was finding it difficult to get rid of it.

It is believed that on Friday afternoon, this woman named Geetu (21), holding the hand of her one and a half year old son Dhruv, was hit by flash floods and landslides. Rescuers on Sunday recovered the body of Sarat’s wife Geetu and her child after several hours of search operation. 40 people have lost their lives and 14 are missing since 1 August 2019 due to floods in Karnataka. At the same time 5,81,702 people were evacuated, relief camps have been set up in 17 districts and 2028 villages.

It was heartwarming for the locals and rescue officials to see the scene. The mother and child were mired in mud and the two held each other’s hands. Sarat survived in this incident. However, the body of his mother Sarojini was also recovered on Monday.

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