Never Rinse With Mouthwash After Exercise, Body Will Not Build And Blood Pressure Will Increase

According to a new study published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine, nitrite synthesis by oral bacteria is therefore crucial to how our body reacts to exercise. Researchers have discovered that the effect of blood pressure lowering exercise is reduced in people rinse with antibacterial mouthwash instead of water, indicating the     significance of oral bacteria for heart health.

University of Plymouth professor and lead author of the study Raul Bescos said, “The scientists beforehand know that the blood vessels open during exercise because the creation of nitric oxide improves the diameter of blood vessels and the blood in active muscles Increases the flow of. ”

For the research issued in the Free Radical Biology and Medicine journal, the researchers asked 23 healthy adults to run on the treadmill for a duration of 30 minutes on two occasions. Two hours later, the effects on his body were investigated.

On one occasion, after some minutes of exercise, they were asked to rinse with fluids and anti-bacterial, placebo and mint flavored water. After doing this, his blood pressure was measured and then his blood samples were noted before and after 120 minutes of exercise.

The research found that participants who rinse with placebo showed a 5.2 mmHg decrease in the systolic blood pressure one hour after their exercise. However, those who rinse with antibacterial mouthwash recorded an systolic blood pressure on average minus one 2 mmGh one hour after exercise.

Systolic blood pressure is defined as high blood pressure and this condition occurs when our heart shrinks and pushes blood into the body.

Outcomes show that the effect of blood pressure reduction by exercise in the first hour of recovery was reduced by over 60 percent, and participants who used antibacterial mouthwash completely abolished the effect two hours later the exercise.

University of Plymouth professor and study co-author Craig Cutler said, “These findings suggest that the nitrite synthesis by the oral bacteria is therefore crucial to how our body responds to exercise in the initial period of recovery, low blood. Promotes pressure and increases oxygen in more muscles.”

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