Dorian Devastation In America, Floods In Charleston, 30 Killed In Bahamas

Cyclone Dorian has caused havoc in America as well. In the city of Charleston, South Carolina, stormy rains created conditions like flooding. Many trees and traffic signals have also been broken due to the effect of stormy winds. There was more than 7 inches of rain on Thursday.

Due to the alert, most of the people of the city have already been evacuated to safer places. At the same time, 30 people have died in the Bahamas so far. Search and rescue operations are being conducted throughout the Bahamas.

After wreaking havoc in the Bahamas and killing 30 people, the devastating Hurricane Dorian has moved on to knock off the east coast of America. Hubert Minnis Prime Minister Bahamas called it “the biggest national crises in the country’s history” as the storm devastated many homes and completely devastated some areas.

The storm has also damaged the sole international airport on the Grand Bahamas island. Residents from Florida till Virginia were warned about the emergency, as a Category Two storm is slowly moving north. The storm had lost force after reaching the Bahamas, but now it has become stronger again.

The storm knocked in the Bahamas on September 1 at a speed of 298 kilometers per hour. For two days, the storm greatly affected the island of Abaco and the Grand Bahamas. Bahamas officials said the official number of deaths from the storm was 20. However, this number may increase further.

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