Housing Company Domanuma Ecofriendly Was Building The House; They Will Be Neutralized By Earthquakes, Fires And Storms

The company, which is based in the US city of Seattle, is building houses that are eco-friendly, and they are not affected by any disaster. The company has prepared these after analyzing the disasters and losses suffered during the last decade. These houses are not affected by storm, storm, water and earthquake etc. The engineer who devised this technique is Morgan Bierschenk. They make the dome out of the bioceramic.

It is a flexible material made from bioceramic minerals. It meets the water treatment plant of big cities. This waste material has been used for the past few decades to make artificial bones and teeth. This is what Morgan used to make home. These houses made of bioceramics are not only chemical free, but they are so strong that even these strong winds do not affect them. They are safe even during earthquakes. They do not have the effect of temperatures up to 1482 ° C.

An analysis by Geoship found that people in the last 10 years have increased their search for a better home. People are searching for a home on a low budget, even if it is small. The advantage of small houses is that they do not fall quickly during an earthquake. Based on this idea, for the past two years, the Geoship has been building a domanuma house like this. Engineer Morgan Bierschenk came to America after traveling the world. As they were restoring the house with the help of their brothers, Morgan questioned the brothers, why are we building a house like this, because the girl and the brick have been building houses for the last 100 years from the concrete.

The company claims that by purchasing the Dome, people can save up to 50% of the amount spent on the cost of homes. The Geoship is building Dome homes on a large scale. Dome materials can also be transported in containers filled to the construction site. Where it can be prepared in a few days. Apart from this, the company also facilitates to move them from place to place.

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