ISRO Is Being Praised All Over the World

Even after the Chandrayaan-2 mission lost contact with the ISRO center, scientists of the Indian Space Agency are praising the world over, because the soft landing of a 10 times faster than the aircraft has never been easier. Everyone from the American newspaper New York Times to the Washington Post and the British newspaper BBC to The Guardian prominently ranked Chandrayaan-2, calling it the most ambitious mission ever.

The New York Times on Saturday praised the Indian mission, saying, “India could not succeed in landing on the moon for the first time.” But his engineering skills and the decades-long space development program have showcased his global ambitions. Chandrayaan-2’s partial failure may delay its attempts to join the list of countries landing on the moon.

The Washington Post wrote, “This mission to India was a matter of national pride.” The British newspaper The Guardian quoted France’s space agency CNES as writing, “India is going where 20, 50, or 100 years from today Mankind will live.

The French newspaper Le Mond wrote to the space agency CNES, “According to scientists, only 45% of missions sent to the moon have been successful. Soft landing is very difficult without any human intervention. ”The newspaper praised the Indian media, saying that the websites were very quick to present information and were properly reporting all the views that ISRO had given.

The Avengers film budget was three times than Chandrayaan-2: BBC

The British newspaper BBC said, “The budget of the Hollywood film Avengers Endgame was around Rs 2550 crore ($ 356 million), almost three times the Chandrayaan-2 mission. But this was not the first time that ISRO was praised for its economy. The cost of his 2014 Mars mission was about a tenth of the total cost of America’s Mars orbiter Maven.

ISRO’s efforts will help in upcoming missions: NASA Astronaut

Former astronaut of the US space agency NASA, Jerry Linanger, described the soft landing of Chandramayan-2’s Vikram module on the lunar surface as India’s ‘bold endeavor’, as well as the lessons learned from the country’s future missions. Will prove to be very helpful. He said this while reacting to India’s Chandrayaan-2 campaign on Saturday.

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