74-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Twins after 57 Years of Marriage

A 74-year-old woman gave birth to twin girls on Thursday in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. A woman named Mangayamma underwent caesarean delivery at Ahilya Nursing Home. He was married 57 years ago to Yarmasetti Rajarao, a farmer in East Godavari district. She was undergoing treatment for the child for the past decade but now with IVF technology she gave birth to twins.

Daljinder Kaur (70) of Rajasthan also gave birth to a child

Mangayamma was undergoing treatment for the past decade. A year ago, she met Dr. Sanakkayala Umashankar, an IVF expert from Guntur. Doctors performed her minor surgery and transplanted the other woman’s utrus into her body. It was a success in January. Mangayamma confirmed to be pregnant. The doctor said that Mangayamma is fit even at the age of 74. He has neither diabetes nor high BP. Treatment became easy due to his fitness. Counseling was also done several times during the treatment to keep the couple mentally calm.

Mangayamma said, “I used to think I would breathe without seeing my children, but a 55-year-old woman in the neighborhood had also given birth to a son.” After that my mindset changed. He advised me to become a mother with IVF technique. I persuaded my husband for this and today I am very happy. The woman’s husband Raja Rao says that nine months have passed in the hospital, after seeing the face of the children today, I have forgotten all the struggles. ” According to IVF expert Dr. Umashankar, both girls and mothers are healthy. The weight of the girls is 1.8 kg. Mangayamma is unable to breastfeed the children, so feeding of the girls will be done with the help of milk bank. Earlier, the record of becoming an old mother was in the name of Daljinder Kaur of Rajasthan who gave birth to a child on 19 April 2016 at the age of 70.

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