Alternate Day Fasting: A New Way to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

To remain healthy, weight control is most important. These days a new way of losing weight is becoming popular known as Alternate Day Fasting (ADF). In simple words, keep fasting except one day. Researchers at the University of Graz in Austria have found that it helps a lot in reducing abdominal fat and controlling bad cholesterol. ADF will not only reduce your obesity, but will help in staying healthy for a long time.

In an article published in the health journal Cell Metabolism on August 27, researchers at the University of Graz reported that ADF results are revealed in just 4 weeks. This not only controls obesity but also heart rate and blood pressure. It helps to Improve heart and blood circulatory system. Adherence to the diet of ADF for six months can also reduce LDL or bad cholesterol.

In this way, calorie control improves blood pressure and keeps cardiovascular diseases away. Other benefits of this include stopping the action of increasing amino acids such as methionine, so that aging does not come before time.

High levels of ketone bodies (a product of fat metabolism) persist even on non-fasting days from ADF. Lower levels of triiodothyronine hormone can be achieved without affecting the function of the thyroid gland. Earlier research has linked low levels of triiodothyronine with longevity.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of ADF?

Researchers told that if someone adopts ADF for six months, then there will be no negative effect on their body. Bone strength and white blood cell count remain unaffected, while ADF activates autophagy to help cells regenerate. Autophagy means cleaning the cells that have been broken in the body on their own and speed up the process of making new and healthy cells in the body.

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