UP Government’s Scuffle On Pharmaceutical Companies That Play With The Health Of Patients

Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh has given instructions to blacklist two companies supplying in government hospitals. In fact, samples of medicines and injections being supplied for the treatment of patients were sent to all government hospitals in Uttar Pradesh, which were not found to be in accordance with the standard. After which the Health Minister has instructed these pharmaceutical companies to blacklist.

At the same time, Uttar Pradesh Medical Supplies Corporation has also stopped the payment of dues of these companies. After the failure of samples of both companies, samples of other drugs have also been sent for examination. Explain that the two pharmaceutical companies which the Health Minister has instructed to blacklist include M / s Hiller Lab and Himalaya Meditech. Samples of the fluconazole tablet of M / s Hillers Lab and rantidine hydrocloride injection of Himalaya Meditech from both these companies have been found to fail in standard investigations, after which the supply of these drugs and injections has been banned. Also, orders have been given to send back the stored medicines.

For the supply of medicines in Uttar Pradesh, the State Government had set up the UP Medical Supplies Corporation, so that adequate quantities of medicines can reach the government hospitals at the right time. The budget of medicines in government hospitals in the state is 600 crores. Let us know that from April till now, samples of 10 drugs have failed in Uttar Pradesh.  Samples of these drugs were collected from different places, two to three companies of which such samples were found to fail repeatedly. After which, Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh has issued a directive to blacklist them, taking strict decisions on the companies that are playing with the health of patients.

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