World’s Longest Cable Bridge Is Going To Start, Know Which Are The 10 Biggest Bridges

The largest bridge over river, sea and mountains and valleys often evoke curiosity among people. It not only makes common life easy, but also becomes famous as a tourist destination. They also have strategic importance in the border areas. This is the reason why there is a race to build the longest bridge in Asia these days. Especially between India and China. In the last year itself, India has launched Asia’s largest bridge. Now China is going to start the world’s longest bridge soon. The specialty of the bridge being built by China is that it will have only two pillars on the banks of the river. The entire bridge over the river will rest on a cable. This bridge is being built on the technology of Floating System. Meaning this bridge will keep swinging in the air. However, visitors to and from the bridge will not be aware of this. Due to the floating system, this bridge will remain firmly supported even in earthquake and storm-like conditions. According to Xinhua News, the world’s longest cable bridge in China is being built on the Qingshan Yangtze River. It is being constructed by Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Company of China Railway. It is known that the Qingshan Yangtze River in China is also the third longest river in the world.

The countdown of the world’s longest cable bridge is being started on this. It is being told that in early 2020 traffic will be started on this bridge. The construction of the bridge is almost complete and is currently being finalized. The world’s longest cable bridge being built in China has a total length of 7,548 meters and a total width of 48 meters. It is being claimed that this bridge is not only the longest cable bridge in the world, but also the world’s widest cable bridge. The bridge is being built in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province of Central China, on the Kingshan Yangtze River. Construction of road has been started by putting asphalt on this bridge on Monday. According to China’s Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Company, it will become the world’s longest cable bridge after construction is over.

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