Coast Guard Patrol Vessel Varah Will Be Able To Stay At Sea for 20 Days without Fuel

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday launched the Coast Guard patrol vessel Varah at Port Trust, Chennai. The Defense Minister said that it has dual engine developed by indigenous HAL. Advanced navigation and communication equipment, sensors and machinery are used in this ship. 30 mm and two 12.7 mm naval guns have been fitted. Its maximum speed is 26 nautical miles. With an automated power management system, it will continue to operate in the sea for 20 days without fuel.

Will be able to clean up if oil spills in the sea

A fourth ship of 98 meters category, L&T Shipyard, has signed a deal of Rupees 1432 crore for 7 such vessels. Varah will help in dealing with maritime terrorism, drugs smuggling, collision, grounding, destroying marine pollution and oil spills.

Preparation: Construction of 50 ships and boats underway

According to Coast Guard DG K Natarajan, there are 142 ships and 62 aircraft in the fleet. Work is underway on 50 modern ships and boats. They will soon be included in the Ghost Guard fleet. A state-of-the-art helicopter will also be available in March 2020.

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