IIT Bombay’s Autism Campaign a Step towards Social Welfare

In a world full of people with different abilities and talents, there are many who suffer from various disabilities. A similar disability affects communication and behavior – autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism is a developmental disorder of variable severity identified by difficulty in social interaction and communication, and by restricted or recurring patterns of thought and behavior. In India, 1 in 500 to 1 in 160 children suffer from autism. About 1 million cases of autism are reported every year in the country.

Being one of the most occurring disorders, it is very important that awareness of autism and its treatment is increased among the general public. Focusing on this goal, E-SAIL IIT Bombay has started a campaign whose main objective is to raise awareness of autism and consequently to create a healthy and inclusive society for all. Under this campaign, a panel on ‘Understanding Autism’ (‘Understanding Autism’) by Dr. Jalpa Bhuta (Psychiatrist), Ms. Koyli Sengupta (Director, Asha Child Development Center) and Pranav Bakshi (India’s first model who has autism) Discussion is being held. This will be followed by another panel discussion on ‘Supporting Autism’ (‘Autism Support’), in which Indian actresses Ishita Sharma and Heera Ashar will participate. Both of them have been active in autism awareness campaigns since a young age.

Indian actress Elli Avram, who has supported our dream and expressed her eagerness to realize it, will further enhance the event. Apart from this, to make more and more people aware, E-Cell is also organizing “Run for Autism” (“Race for Autism”) on 6 October near Bandra Fort. Registration for this can be done at ecell.in/social/marathon. If we see in today’s world, many big organizations and celebrities have adopted autism and are contributing to society by spreading awareness about it. Deron Williams, NBA All-Star, has a son in the autism spectrum and is an ‘Autism Speaks’ ambassador. Williams also founded the Point of Hope Foundation, which supports children’s organizations through grants. In the past many famous celebrities such as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Newton are said to have suffered from autism. He has created a ray of hope for the people suffering from this disease today.

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