Glut Of This Gene In America’s Groundwater Is Dangerous For People’s Health

Antibiotic Genes- ARGs are spreading rapidly in the US underground water reserves. Researchers at the University of Southern California claimed this after a study. They say that ARGs can pose a major threat to people’s health in the future. Adam Smith, an assistant professor at the university, said, “The rapid spread of pollutants such as ARG through the water system and the anti-antibiotic resistance bug are the biggest problems of the moment.” It is also difficult to control ARGs during water treatment, which could be harmful to people’s health in the future.

ARGs Are Organic Pollutants

Smith and his team studied the amount of ARG in Southern California-based aqueduct systems and groundwater. They say that ARGs are small particles of DNA that spread to the environment. Since they are organic pollutants, bacteria present in the environment beat them and develop immunity against drugs themselves. Then, these superbugs spread the resistance potential to other microbes and this cycle continues continuously.

ARGs Are Increasing Due To Excessive Use of Antibiotics

Antibiotic use has increased tremendously over the past few years, as a result, germs that have developed immunity to ARG and antibiotics in various water sources are growing rapidly. Smith said, “In addition to the ever-increasing superbug, it is necessary to study the difference in the amount of ARG in different water sources in view of many other health hazards.”

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